Imagine a world without child exploitation.

PACT trains youth and adults to DETECT THE PROBLEM DEFEND OUR YOUTH DISRUPT THE DEMAND before there is another victim.

Announcing Xp

PACT & EBT is pleased to announce Xp

  • Xp is designed to give men-and women-the emotional tools to discover a science based process to attack their addiction to pornography through self-study, one on one coaching with a LPC and trained in EBT, confidential telephone group sessions, and peer to peer support.
  • Xp is a neuroscience-based program for participants to discover the emotional root cause of their addictions and to rewire the brain circuits that cause addiction with the goal of achieving a healthier lifestyle.
  • Xp is delivered on a technology platform with a proprietary telephone conference system, led by a certified LPC and EBT counselor, that guarantees complete confidentiality and anonymity, a website with videos, PDFs and workshops, and a mobile app to access the EBT tools anytime, anywhere.
  • Xp is a breakthrough technology designed by EBT in partnership with PACT.

Church We Have a Problem

Jimmy Myers PhD, CSAT-1, LPC-S
Intro by Callum Harralson (student)
Filmed at Austin Baptist Church | September 26, 2018

When 7 Pastors and a Priest Unite

Lakeway area churches come together with PACT to start a conversation about pornography & its role in the child sex trafficking industry.

PACT Student Ambassadors

PACT Student Ambassador Sophie tells why she started a Student Ambassador Chapter at her school and how PACT is giving middle school, high school and college students a voice in the fight to end child sex trafficking.
Learn more about the PACT Student Ambassador Program