Everyday Heroes: Meet Katie’s Snack Cart

“Everyone has something valuable to contribute. Everyone can make a difference. Just choose one thing that you can do and go from there.”

-Wendy, Mom of Katie and CEO

Most parents dream of great opportunities for their children—these parents created one. If you haven’t heard of Katie’s Snack Cart, it’s time you knew about the most inspiring snack vendor in town. Katie’s Snack Cart was inspired by a family’s search for meaningful post-graduation employment for their daughter Katie, who has special needs.  After Katie’s graduation from high school, the family helped her build a snack business that was modeled after one created in Katie’s Functional Life Skills class.

Today, Katie’s Snack Cart serves clients throughout North Austin, brightening their day with Katie’s friendly nature and excited smile. Katie’s Snack Cart is committed to offering employment opportunities for young adults with special needs and raising money for local causes. I spoke with Wendy Kohman, CEO and mom of Katie to learn more about how their journey lead them to choose PACT as the recipient of this year’s donation. What I learned was inspiring.

Wendy and Katie first heard about child trafficking through a speaker at their church. At first, Wendy recounts that the facts about domestic child trafficking were overwhelming. However, she was motivated by her belief that everyone can pick at least one thing to do to help eradicate child trafficking. In that spirit, Katie and Wendy decided to donate proceeds from their Valentine’s Day snack sales to PACT. Wendy says “Everyone has something valuable to contribute. No one person can do everything, but everyone can do one small thing to make a positive difference in this world. When you hear about a cause, just choose one thing that you can do and go from there.”

Wendy and Katie are still taking an active role in the community, recently promoting Autism Awareness with their special blue puzzle piece cookies. We can all learn from the duo’s inspiring work and find one thing to do today to make a positive difference. This may mean talking to a neighbor or family member about child trafficking, writing your state representative or simply telling your child that you love them.

The commitment to make the world a better place one deed at a time is what sets Katie’s Snack Cart apart from the rest. Check them out at www.katiessnackcart.com and invite Katie and her team into your business or event today to support a locally owned business with a passion for giving back to the community.