How Can You Help?

You can make a difference in the fight against child sex trafficking. There are numerous ways to get involved.

Partner with PACT through the opportunities listed below and/or support our programs through your financial contribution on our DONATE page. Attend an event, talk to your family and neighbors, follow PACT on social media and share posts to raise awareness.

All of these actions truly make a difference in the fight against child sex trafficking.


Partner with PACT and connect your business to the fight against child sex trafficking:

  • Provide awareness and detection training to your employees designed to empower employees to follow safe protocol for reporting
  • Host a special fundraising event
  • Attend annual collaborative forum to stay informed on the latest data, network with PACT Partners and brainstorm solutions

Student Organizations

Empower your student organization to StandUP against child sex trafficking.

  • Deliver targeted programs that raise awareness and empower your members with the skills to stop child sex trafficking
  • Participate in upcoming scholarship opportunities
  • Host fundraising and awareness-raising events
  • Innovate different ways that your organization can come together to combat the issue.

Community Organizations

Bring your involvement in local organizations to the next level by bringing them into the fight against child sex trafficking.

  • Deliver specialized awareness programs
  • Host fundraising events 
  • Collaborate with PACT on joint events

Church Ministry Leadership

Bring PACT and its mission into your faith:

  • Offer PACT presentations to raise awareness and empower your congregation
  • Host a Shared Hope Small Group Bible Study
  • Host fundraising event to support the cause

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