Whether you’re a student parent business community group faith-based organization


  • Students

    PACT has volunteer opportunities, internships, and a PACT Student Ambassador program. You can sign-up to volunteer for a few hours here and there, or you can take your involvement to the next level by applying to be a PACT Student Ambassador. 

    PACT Student Ambassadors work on behalf of PACT’s cause by developing and executing a project designed to help eradicate child trafficking. Projects are open-ended and can be focused on raising awareness, reducing demand, and/or preventing victimization. Yearly scholarship prizes are awarded to the students with the most outstanding projects. Students may apply to be an individual member or create a chapter at their school or within their existing student group.

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  • Parents

    Are you interested in protecting the children in your life from trafficking? PACT has a wide array of volunteer opportunities. Whether it’s helping out at an event, participating in an awareness campaign, or hosting a training for your community, there are many ways to get involved.

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  • Communities

    Are you a part of a community group, business, or faith-based organization interested in eradicating child trafficking? As a PACT Partner, you can help to build a stronger, safer, more united community by delivering training that will empower your group to prevent, recognize, and safely report trafficking. PACT also has many volunteer opportunities for your group to get involved in.

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