PACT Presents to LISD Health Services Staff

One of the most powerful tools in the PACT arsenal in combating child sex trafficking is education, and one of the key battlegrounds is school campuses. PACT staff & volunteers recently presented to the Health Services Staff for the Leander Independent School District, discussing child sex trafficking in the local community and how to build awareness to help prevent victimization.

The interactive presentation included statistics (79,000 children in Texas are being exploited at any given time) and how we simply cannot build enough shelters to house these victims as they are rescued, if they survive at all. Also discussed was how pornography feeds the child sex trafficking industry, cell phone security tips and action steps to take if you suspect a child/student is being “handled.”

Feedback from the staff included the emphatic acknowledgement that we must get this message into the middle schools.

A Personal Encounter
One participant shared that a story about how she and her daughter had been stalked by a man in the Steiner Ranch neighborhood. She and her 21-year old daughter were out for a walk when they saw a white van that gave them a creepy feeling. As they walked past the the parked van, the woman stared  the driver down in an attempt to let him know they were aware of his presence. She and her daughter then took short cut, and the van followed. They took off running through another area and a neighbor took a photo of the wrong van. They called the police, who came and took a statement from the woman and her daughter. While the officer was talking to them, he got call that the correct van had been spotted. When the driver exited the vehicle, he had a stun gun in his hand. The woman and her daughter were thankful to have gotten away from this man. Their awareness of their surroundings not only enabled them to avoid harm, but their action of notifying the police likely saved someone else from being victimized.

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PACT has at the core of its message awareness as we educate and train adults and youth to detect (build awareness), defend (protect victims & potential victims) and disrupt (the demand and supply).

We want to thank LISD for having us. If you would like information on similar training for your school staff, please contact Operations & Partner Manager Dana Brown at

Sometimes the most influential voices a student hears are their peers. To learn about starting a PACT Student Ambassador Chapter at your local middle school, high school or college campus, CLICK HERE.