Why did you feel compelled to take action to reduce child trafficking? ​

79,00 of my Texan youth have been manipulated and enslaved to it and very few people know that it happens in Texas let alone the United States.

How did you raise awareness, reduce victimization, and/or disrupt demand?

After reaching out to PACT, I instantly got the idea of hosting an interactive panel discussing trafficking, how to spot it, and what you can do to help. My panel was the Hidden in Plain Sight Human Trafficking Panel. I had spoken with my professor and he was all on board for the idea. My goal for the panel was to educate my audience and get the message out there. I targeted towards the incoming freshman and sophomores because they are new to the being on their own and oblivious to some hidden intentions. In the panel, I included Marisha Barrett of SAFEPLACE, Fee Gentry of Partners Against Child Trafficking, Dr. Lorraine Samuels that teaches the Human Trafficking Class At Huston-Tillotson and my professor Dr. Robert Ceresa as a spectator.