Whether you’re a student parent business community group faith-based organization

You can make a difference!

  • Students

    Are you a student that is interested in eradicating child trafficking? Become a PACT Ambassador and deliver our PACT Student Empowerment Training to your peers to begin taking action against trafficking today!

    Deliver training to equip your peers with the tools to recognize and resist trafficking. Empower fellow students to take action, raise awareness and facilitate strong peer relationships and healthy social norms.

  • Parents

    Are you interested in protecting the children in your life from trafficking? Participate in a PACT Family Empowerment Training to equip yourself with the tools to recognize and prevent trafficking. Know the facts and get empowered to talk to your children and community about trafficking. Request a training or sign up to volunteer with PACT today!

  • Communities

    Are you a business, faith-based organization, or community group that is interested in being part of the solution to the local issue of child sex trafficking? Our PACT Partners Awareness Training empowers businesses, community groups, and faith-based organizations to raise awareness, recognize trafficking & safely respond to suspicious situations. We go a step further to facilitate interactions between Partners to build a stronger, more united community. Our PACT Partners Awareness Training, materials and Bible Studies are offered in both Spanish and English. Become a PACT Partner today and do your part to protect your community!

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