Research-Based Trainings

We provide free research-based trainings to groups in the Central Texas area, featuring our in-depth 8-session training course, Child Trafficking: Causes and Solutions. All trainings focus on awareness, detection and ultimately the prevention of child trafficking in our community. If you would like to request a training, please fill out the form below:

Student Programs

The PACT Student Ambassador program is a project-based advocacy program designed to empower a generation of student leaders to get informed and take action to bring child trafficking to an end. Sign up here to become a PACT Student Ambassador! In addition to the Ambassador program, we will be releasing secular and scripture-based curriculum for youth in February 2018. The curriculum is designed to equip youth with the skills to resist, detect, and prevent child trafficking, while becoming advocates for human dignity in their community.

What’s Porn Got to Do With It?
A little known fact in church communities is that pornography is a leading contributor to the child sex trafficking industry. What’s Porn Got to Do With It? is a program based on the Conquer Series for men. In this 12-week-course, participants discover the effects of pornography on the brain, how those effects can be reversed and how to overcome the bondage of addiction to pornography.  CLICK HERE for more information on the WPGTDWI series for men.

Volunteer with PACT
We also have volunteer opportunities for all ranging from helping out at events, to getting certified as an official PACT speaker. Sign up and get involved today!

Community Giving Events

We host community giving events several times a year to provide relief to high-risk groups in our community. This past year, we provided 600 Little Red Bags to area shelters and hospitals. We also packed 345 bags of supplies with a National Human Trafficking Hotline card for our homeless community members. We always have volunteer opportunities for these events. Sign up to get involved today!